You Better Make a Way for the Young Folks

BennyHornHere’s a little something to sit back and think about in regards to this Go-Go Music thing, that we here in the DMV know and love. Do you realize that when a lot of these older school bands became hot, they were basically in high school (or just a couple of years out) at the time? For example, when the song “Body Moves” by Rare Essence came out, half the members in band were just graduating high school. That means they were like 17 and 18 years old.  The same with Junkyard.  They were still in school when signed to Def Jam and appearing in “Tougher Than Leather” and “DC Cab”.  And just about damn near every band after that.

You know what that tells me? That it was the “youth” that made Go-Go what it is. Whether it was RE or NEG or JY or BYB or Class or Pump Blenders or EU or Petworth or Ayre Rayde or Mass Extinction, etc., etc., etc. It was the YOUTH. And THAT is what’s going to be needed to sustain it for another 40 more years. And that is why it is so important that the focus is put directly on them… by any means necessary. Everybody in their 40s and 50s seem to be wanting to be the ONE to take this thing to a “whole new level” (which is a particular phrase that I’m personally tired of hearing). But it’s too late for that. We had our chance. Instead, we should be desiring to be a vehicle to inspire, push, support and the guide the youth to do it.



Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying to stop and give up playing it. That’s ridiculous and impossible to do. It’s in our blood. It’s what we are. But what I’m asking, is to just pass the baton (aka knowledge and wisdom).

Now… some may disagree with me, and that’s okay. It’s only a thought and my opinion.


***Photos above:
(1). Junkyard Band
(2). Little Benny of Rare Essence
(3). Mass Extinction