Episode 3: Band Website Content

The Business of Music – And Your Role In It – Episode Three: Band Website Content

In this episode we focus on the band website’s content. When it comes to the site’s content, always keep in mind of the understanding that you are either deepening or you are diminishing your relationship with your visitors.

Another thing you may really want to consider (which I did not mention in the video) is the type of email address to use when correspoding regarding your band website.   People tend to take you more seriously when you are corresponding with them using a geniune email address, instead of the generic ones (i.e., yahoo.com, hotmail.com, gmai.com, etc.).  Using a good and dependable service like BlueHost (which the host the TMOTTGoGo website) to host your website, supplies you unlimited email accounts, allowing you to have a seperate account for any particular cause, as well as more than one person, yet using the same email base (i.e.,  yourname@yourbandwebsite.com).

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