ForeverDC.Com Interviews Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Nizam Ali Interviews Ben’s Chili Bowl’s Nizam Ali


Ben’s Chili Bowl is a Washington, DC Landmark. Founders Ben Ali and his wife, Virginia Ali, opened this famous hot dog and chili shop on U Street August 22, 1958. It’s overcome numerous challenges and difficulties to stay in business but is now thriving more than ever as a favorite hangout spot for countless celebrities, politicians, and DC residents. Recently, Ben’s celebrated 50 years in business (see book below).

For the past 10 years their children, Nizam Ali and brother Kamal, have worked side by side to ensure that the legacy of Ben’s Chili Bowl lives on. Jason from has the exclusive interview. Nizam takes Jason on a tour while discussing the history of Ben’s Chili Bowl, their new restaurant “Next door”, and the future of the majestic & historic landmark.

Involves Gregory A. Lewis.


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