Guess Who’s Back? CCB… Back on the Scene Like a Record Machine!

Remember the go-go single, “Classy”?  What about, “My Phatty’?  Well how about that cranking go-go version of the Jay-Z / Linkin Park hit, “Encore”?  Of course you do.   I’m referring to hits from the Critical Condition Band – otherwise known as CCB.

Well CCB, those crankin young brothers and sister who brought you their freshmen release of “Critical Condition Band” and then followed it up with “Diversity,” have come a long way, from being on top, to falling apart and breaking up the band. As they put it, they are back on mission to now only bring your their hits from the past, but also brand new CRANK for the future!

Take a look below and then follow them on their ride to REDEMPTION @THECCB!

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