Message to the Go-Go Bands: Show that you Care!

In light of yet another threatening of a club event,. basically due to the violence that rips our community, I was compelled to make this PSA. If you are a supporter, fan or active member of Go-Go music, then I ask you all to make a stand… not only when the threat of closing begin to rise, but at all times…. 24/7. Because the bottom line is that unless the people and the officials see us as being an entity trying to assist in all ways possible to bring solutions, they will always consider us the problem. Yet… if they at all times see that we too care about the well being and safety of our fellow citizens, then right from the beginning the will always know what’s side we are truly on regarding this issue.

With that being said, Yes… we do have a responsibility. Go-Go is not just about the music… but also about the culture.

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