Rich Girl by The L!SSEN Band iHD – Catch Yannie on BET’s “Sunday’s Best Season Two” tonight 3/15/09

Yanna Crawley, fondly known as “Yannie” to her friends and fans will be performing as a contestant on Tonight’s episode of BET’s Sunday’s Best – Season Two.  Yannie, who is mostly noted for her soulful vocals and strong stage presence, has been a favorite in the DC music scene performing with bands such as Suttle Thoughts, Heaven Sent, and most of all L!ssen.

Catch her tonight as she respresents her city, her family, and most of all, her gift of song.  This episode airs tonight @ 9:00 pm (eastern standard time) on BET.

Above is a live clip of Yannie singing her self written and produced song, with the band Lissen iHD, entitled “Rich Girl”.

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