For Immediate Release October 13, 2012 Go-Go Percussion Legend Go Go Mickey is moving from Rare Essence to Familiar Faces On October 18th, Familiar Faces will welcome the  most recognizable name in the infamous percussion pocket of DC’s homegrown Go-Go music from Rare Essence, as Milton “Go Go Mickey” Freeman changes teams and joins his former colleagues Donnell Floyd, Ms. Kim, Derek “DP” Paige and Eric “Bojack” Butler (all former Rare Essence members) in Familiar Faces. “There’s a cat named Mickey from out of town” begins the Rare Essence hit song, “Go Go Mickey,” a remake of Smokey Robinson and … Continue reading FAMILIAR FACES: Press Release


There have been a couple of position shifts in the Go-Go music industry.  Word backstage is that two members of Rare Essence has left to play new bands.  Milton “GoGo Mickey” Freeman, the longest running conga player in the Rare Essence camp, is moving forward to the Familiar Faces camp, with his former colleagues Donnell Floyd, Ms. Kim, Derick Paige, and Bojack.  And his son, Brion “BeeJay” Scott, is moving on to the L.O.U.D. band camp reuniting with his former Fatal Attraction/FAze 2 band members. How much will these power moves shake up the industry?  Well… stay tuned for further updates. Continue reading BREAKING NEWS IN THE GOGO INDUSTRY – A Father / Son Power Move


As a fan present for the birth of 911, holding on tight through the evolution that would gradually transform into Familiar Faces, refamiliarzation is not a challenge for me, the band has always stayed ahead of the curve, effortlessly. For almost ten years I spent my late nights and early mornings, happy hours, birthdays and meet and greets in constant refamiliarization.  From Bud’s Nightclub to Safari Steakhouse and Zanzibar, from the Tradewinds to the Heart & Soul Café, I still can’t hold back singing the real words to “911” even when the radio spins the clean version. I could do … Continue reading ReFAMILIARization

2009 Go-Go Awards: Nominees and Performance Announced

The 2009 Go-Go Awards is scheduled for The Washington Convention Center on Nov. 1.  In addition to D.C.’s own Comedian/Actor Red Grant hosting this year’s event, some of today’s most prominent acts on the Go-Go curcuit are scheduled to perform. Presented by Peace Abode, the acts scheduled to perform are Familiar Faces, Backyard, Suttle Thoughts, and TCB among others. There will also be a reunion performance by Little Benny & The Masters, who are famous for bringing hits such as “Cat In The Hat”, “The Message” and “Big City Groove.” Below is a complete list of nominees and categories. BAND … Continue reading 2009 Go-Go Awards: Nominees and Performance Announced